Alliance Agro Services Logistics services

Logistics services

The logistics service of the company provides the delivery of cargo to the address by highway, sea and air in the most optimal ways and safely by covers all types of cargo transportation (international and domestic cargo transportation, international cargo and international group cargo transportation). International cargo transportation is the main activity direction for “Alliance Agro” LLC. The company carries out cargo transportation to Turkey, Russia, Iran, Turkmanistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries and uses any airports and seaports in those countries. In addition, we use multimodal transportation which is carried out by highway, along with rail transport in different countries.

Our company, which has been operating for many years, with its professional team helps entrepreneurs to choose the most efficient method of cargo transportation, guarantees transportation of cargo to the destination without delay by international standards. Unlike traditional transportation methods, the partnership with “Alliance Agro” frees entrepreneurs from additional care and worries. There are almost no cases of damage, loss and malfunction of products during transportation.

The company also attaches importance to the transit, import and export (Transit - Iran, Iraq, Syria; Imports - Russia, Belarus; Exports - Iran) of wood products (forest industry).